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The Automatic Mouse Clicker MWW is software that can be set to make your mouse click buttons that appear on your screen without you moving at all. The software is mainly for Windows operating systems and it is especially useful if you have opened a series of windows or tasks by accident and want to close them automatically without restarting your system or upsetting other files already in the running process.

The software is simple and very straightforward as you attach you mouse to the button you wish to auto click and input a keyboard code to start the autoclick feature. The Automatic Mouse Clicker MWW is simple too and there is no interface but the one used by the control panel to govern how the mouse operates.

You can even use the interface there to set automatic clicks to Windows applications that require dedicated closing. Automatic Mouse Clicker MWW is an open source software with a lot of room for making changes.

Automate Mouse Clicks easily and quickly with our automatic mouse clicker. You tell it when to start clicking, the number of times to click and how often to click. Download Automatic Mouse Clicker and automate mouse clicks. Automate repetitive mouse clicks and let the software utility do mouse clicks for you. Not only does it save your fingers from repetitive clicks but it also is so light weight that you can take it anywhere to make clicking the same spots over and over very easy.

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